Frequently Asked Questions

What service do you provide?

I help you get yourself and your vehicle home safely and legally after you have been out and have had drinks.

Why aren't you a taxi?

I would have to be properly licensed and insured to offer taxi services. At this time, I do not see that there would be enough local business to justify this investment.

Why weren't you available when I called you at
2:30 am the other night?

I am on-call from 7 pm to midnight, Tuesdays through Thursdays, and from 7 pm to 2 am on Friday and Saturday nights.

If you need my services outside those hours, please book an appointment in advance. My rates are about 50% more expensive outside my on-call hours. I do require a non-refundable deposit in advance.

Also, I do not drive during hazardous weather conditions. Please check the weather forecast before heading out. If there is an advisory, I will not be available to drive. (If you have pre-booked and paid a deposit, in this case, your deposit will be refunded.

Why do you require a non-refundable advance deposit for booking you outside your on-call hours?

People assume that I do not drink alcohol. This is not true. I just don't drink and drive. My wife and I very much enjoy having a couple of drinks together after we are finished for the day, or on our days off. It has happened that people have called and said that they would like to use my services on our day off or later than my on-call hours, then they never got back to me. Having the non-refundable deposit ensures that I am compensated for the time that we make ourselves available for you, whether you end up calling us or not.

If you have paid a deposit and I am not available, due to poor road conditions, illness on my part, accident, mechanical breakdown or other problem on my end, your deposit is fully refundable.

Also, if you find you have to cancel for any reason, your deposit will be refunded, as long as you let me know at least 12 hours in advance.

I booked for a certain time, but I might be later. Is that a problem?

I give you one half hour wiggle room. So say you book for 11 pm on Sunday, you can phone me any time up to 11:30. However, at 11:31, we're starting our own cocktail hour, unless you call and update me.

I called you during your on-call hours, but you were busy. How can I make sure I can get your services when I need them?

I only have one follow car, and two drivers. I take first come first, and always go with my best, established customers first if there's a conflict. If you're sure you're going to need us, pre-book and put down a non-refundable deposit. That way, we will set aside that block of time for you.

How do I pre-book?

Phone me at 613-880-0060. Or use my Pre-Booking form.

What methods of payment do you accept?

I accept cash, Visa, and Mastercard. Deposits can be made through PayPal.

What other services do you provide?

I offer some roadside services, including:

  • Battery boost
  • Tire change
  • "Out of Gas" rescue

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